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Weekend Activities: Fishing Holes in Fulshear, TX

Father and son fishing on park bench

Want to live in a beautiful town filled with hidden gems? Looking for a new home outside of Houston? We can’t think of a better way to do this than by getting out in the sun, doing fun activities, and catching your lunch! Fishing is the name of the game, and there are tons of lakes around the Fulshear area! 

  1. Mary Jo Peckham Park – This park is jam-packed with activities, and there is a little something for everyone in the group! From the indoor swimming pool, to the relaxing koi pond, to the family fishing, you can spend the entire day here and never run out of things to do! No need to worry about this popular lake running out of fish, because they restock every two weeks.
  1. Big Fish Bowfishing – If you’re looking for some big game look no further. These guys specialize in bow fishing, rod, and reel. You can come out, and try to hunt down the biggest alligator gar in the lake! This place is great for some hardcore fishing and bonding with loved ones.
  1. Will Bane Central Park – So, you want something a little less intense. Well, we have just the place for you. This park is perfect if you’re looking for a nice quiet area to have a picnic, throw around the football, and catch some dinner! With a pavilion, walking trails, and a sand volleyball court, you can bring your whole group out for a relaxing and fun-filled day.
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