Just far enough west of Houston to be considered calm and cozy, lies Fulshear, Texas, a hidden, tiny treasure of the lone star state. The difference between Fulshear and every other small town that struggles to stay alive in our growing society, is an amazing will to live and love, growing in heart and community, instead of skyscrapers and size. 

It’s that desire to bloom that tells the great success of Fulshear’s Farmers Market, Senior Center and neighborhood health and fitness. The booming population has pushed the real estate and businesses to keep up and like any city that grows, the needs of the people are a constant fuel! This same spirit that doesn’t let their size prevent them from having an active newspaper, magazine and Chamber of Commerce. Fulshear is involved in Fulshear!

Often smaller communities have to sacrifice the culture exposure that one might find in bigger cities, but this is not the case in Fulshear. Not only is there a community arts center that includes an adult theater, but also a performing arts academy and preschool for those living in Fulshear that want their children to explore their love and talent.

Residents of this beautiful place can enjoy the best of both worlds, with a small, private home town just a short drive from the metropolitan conveniences of Houston. 

Fulshear does not sacrifice when it comes to law enforcement. Their force is complete with a highly coveted K-9 unit and new officers as needed. They have responded to recent concerns about alligators, acquired new vehicles and have assisted the entire community as they have bounced back from recent flooding.

In the highs and lows, unity keeps Fulshear strong.