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Why Fulshear is the Best of Small Town Living

The quest for the perfect small town life is all about balance. The ideal is often at odds with the truth of what many towns are truly like. Only a relatively small slice of the U.S. strikes that perfect balance between country living with just enough going on to keep you and your family engaged.

Fulshear, TX is one of those rare places, because it is:

  • Quiet, with a friendly and active community. With an estimated population just below 6,000, Fulshear, TX firmly in the small town category. Yet it isn’t the full-on farm community layout, with miles between homes putting a massive natural barrier between families. You have beautiful, airy properties in developed neighborhoods.
  • Isolated from urban life, without being too far from urban amenities. Fulshear, TX is in Fort Bend County, within an hour’s drive from Houston. It’s far enough to avoid all of the pitfalls of urban life, like heavy local traffic and the overall fast pace of life. Yet it’s close enough for an easy weekend drive directly to your favorite Houston restaurants, parks and venues.
  • A small community, with great education opportunities. Small towns don’t always have the best schools, with the best extracurricular activities. Fulshear, TX Elementary, Junior and High Schools bring in kids from surrounding unincorporated areas, providing a larger base of support and funding. In addition to robust sports programs, the local Fulshear Arts Council provides showcases for local artists with particular focus on youth, and runs several extracurricular arts programs.

There are few small towns that strike such a perfect, friendly balance like Fulshear, TX. And Fulbrook on Fulshear Creek is the perfect corner of the town to set down family roots. Take a look at the beautiful new homes and see what our wonderful community has to offer you and your family.